Hi, I’m Paul Cupit, an accredited Yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Massage therapist based at Sherwood Community Centre in Nottingham. I teach weekly yoga classes, one to one yoga, yoga workshops and work with massage clients on an appointment basis. I work to teach people how to look after their bodies and minds in order to live positive, healthy lives. With the range of services I offer, I aim to be accessible and inclusive to all people regardless of age, ability or health.

I work in affiliation with Hannah and Ameet of The Yoga Village who offer pregnancy yoga, birth preparation, postnatal yoga, parent and toddler yoga, yoga nidra and other yoga classes and workshops.

I began to practise Yoga in 2008 and started to teach in 2011. Taking insight from the roots of traditional Indian Yoga, I follow the Ashtanga Yoga system for my own personal practice.


In 2009 I spent a week at the Santosa yoga festival in Somerset. Here I met Kamaraj Rajendran, a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Yoga Therapy, who had come from India to give treatments and teach yoga. Little did I know at the time, he had trained in Ashtanga yoga and his dynamic teaching resonated with me instantly. Throughout the week I could see that Dr Kamaraj was giving massage treatments from one of the tents, so I decided to have one myself having no idea of what to expect. During the massage I was rocked, pulled, pressed and stretched in a variety of different ways as he worked my entire body, toe to head. After the treatment I felt amazed and energised but calm, supple and totally relaxed. From here the seed was planted and I knew I had to learn this unique art form. I later found out the treatment was called Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage.

In 2011 I began training and study in Thai Yoga Massage with Julian Kemp. I have trained at both Practitioner and Advanced levels of qualification. I take a holistic approach and continue with my own personal practice and professional study of Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.


RYT200 Yoga Nottingham

Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage
Level 1 & 2
The International Training Massage School of Thailand

Thai Yoga Massage Advanced Techniques Level 3
Cosmo School of Thai Yoga Massage

Osteopathic principles and practice in Thai Yoga Massage
Level 4
Cosmo School of Thai Yoga Massage


Ashtanga Immersion: Teaching Techniques with Joey Miles

Ashtanga Yoga Adjustments: with Ryan Spielman

Ashtanga Yoga workshops and classes with Paul Kleesmaa, Jane Wyer, Philippa Asher and Hamish Hendry

Yoga classes, immersions, retreats and meditations with many other great teachers, but the greatest teacher of all – the practice itself!

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