Hi, I’m Paul Cupit, an accredited Yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Massage therapist based at Sherwood Community Centre in Nottingham. I teach weekly yoga classes, one to one yoga, yoga workshops and work with massage clients on an appointment basis. I work to teach people how to look after their bodies and minds in order to live positive, healthy lives. With the range of services I offer, I aim to be accessible and inclusive to all people regardless of age, ability or health.

I began to practise Yoga in 2008 and started to teach in 2011. Taking insight from the roots of traditional Indian Yoga, I follow the Ashtanga Yoga system for my own personal practice.


In 2009 I spent a week at the Santosa yoga festival in Somerset. Here I met Kamaraj Rajendran, a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Yoga Therapy, who had come from India to give treatments and teach yoga. Little did I know at the time, he had trained in Ashtanga yoga and his dynamic teaching resonated with me instantly. Throughout the week I could see that Dr Kamaraj was giving massage treatments from one of the tents, so I decided to have one myself having no idea of what to expect. During the massage I was rocked, pulled, pressed and stretched in a variety of different ways as he worked my entire body, toe to head. After the treatment I felt amazed and energised but calm, supple and totally relaxed. From here the seed was planted and I knew I had to learn this unique art form. I later found out the treatment was called Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage.

In 2011 I began training and study in Thai Yoga Massage with Julian Kemp. I have trained at both Practitioner and Advanced levels of qualification. I take a holistic approach and continue with my own personal practice and professional study of Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.


RYT200 Yoga Nottingham

Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage
Level 1 & 2
The International Training Massage School of Thailand

Thai Yoga Massage Advanced Techniques Level 3
Cosmo School of Thai Yoga Massage

Osteopathic principles and practice in Thai Yoga Massage
Level 4
Cosmo School of Thai Yoga Massage


Ashtanga Immersion: Teaching Techniques with Joey Miles

Ashtanga Yoga Adjustments: with Ryan Spielman

Yoga workshops, classes and retreats with many great teachers. I’m currently practicing with Joey in Leeds once a week.

Insurance and Registration

DSC Insurance Services


To all my teachers, family, friends, students, clients and everybody at The Sherwood Community Centre