Personalised Yoga


I don’t teach yoga every day of the week, but I recommend regular practise. A regular practice can really change your life, whether it’s for your physical or mental health, or both. Consistency is the key. Therefore a personalised sequence can be tailored to meet your ability, health, lifestyle and time requirements.

During your first appointment an initial consultation is made followed by further assessment while you relax with a full body Thai Yoga Massage lasting approximately one hour. Based on the findings, I’ll draw out your yoga sequence using easy to follow stick men. During your next appointment we’ll go through your sequence with a one to one lesson. The sequence is then yours to keep. So first you book in for the massage, then we schedule a separate date for the yoga lesson.

Consultation, massage, yoga lesson & sequence

  • From £100

Private one to one and yoga sequence follow up lessons are also available. Please get in touch for further details.